When we talk of charities, we mean non profit organisations that have a philanthropic goal. In short, a charity does something good for other people, something Kentaa is happy to contribute to!

Kentaa helps charities by facilitating charity campaigns, using crowdfunding, peer-to-peer programs, fundraising events and online collection programs.

The combination of our vast knowledge of the fundraising world, the state of giving online, the latest technologies and our talented team, allows us to effectively help setting up charity campaigns.

Your goal is our goal. Our smart tools help you generate as many online donations for your charity campaign as possible. Did you know we’ve already helped over a hundred charities in Europe?

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Kentaa helps Pink Ribbon
Kentaa helps Pink Ribbon with several of their fundraising challenges, such as event fundraising, peer-to-peer fundraising and their door-to-door collection program.

For their peer-to-peer fundraising and event fundraising goals, we've built a platform with a clean, custom design.

Pink Ribbon also uses our online platform Digicollect to reinforce their door-to-door collection campaigns.

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Culture & heritage causes have become increasingly dependent on their own fundraising, losing governmental funding left and right. From cultural organisations such as theatres, museums and music schools, to organisations focused on maintaining and developing archaeological values, monuments and landscapes. Many of these causes are forced to look for new ways to receive funding. Online fundraising for culture & heritage has become increasingly accepted as a valid method.

The growing need for these fundraising methods for culture, heritage and crowdfunding in the arts, is one Kentaa gladly caters to.

Using our innovative and easy to use Kentaa platform, we’ll help your organisation set up crowdfunding or fundraising for culture & heritage.

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Kentaa helps Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (Prince Bernhard Culture Fund) supports all kinds of local initiatives that promote and enrich culture in the Netherlands. They use the Kentaa fundraising platform to help these initiatives obtain necessary funding.

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Health- & care facilities are often looking for alternative ways to fund their care and health projects. Crowdfunding health and care projects with the Kentaa platform could offer a solution.

Our platform enables care facilities to raise money and collect online donations. From hospitals to home care facilities, from nursing homes to rehabilitation centres, every care facility can crowdfund. Crowdfunding for health and care can be done for a variety of projects, like (experimental) medical research, new equipment or the improvement of patient care.

Improving the welfare of patients, visitors and employees is also a suitable crowdfunding goal. After all, health budgets often don’t include a play room for kids or nice paintings on the walls.

Does your facility have a ‘friends of’ foundation? They often already work toward better patient welfare. Kentaa will gladly help their and your income grow through crowdfunding and other forms of online fundraising.

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Kentaa helps Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital
Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital uses Kentaa's platform to raise funds for a specific medical goal every year.

Their extremely successful fundraising event Sporten voor Sophia (Sporting for Sophia), which recently celebrated its 27th anniversary, lets people participate in numerous sports as well as raise funds for the well being of children with life-threatening illnesses.

In 2018, over half a million euros was raised during the event.

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Universities and schools have become forced to rely on their own fundraising more and more. Crowdfunding for education has gained popularity. Kentaa offers an innovative platform that facilitates crowdfunding for schools. Whether you need funds for a new program, scientific research or the restoration of a school building...

The Kentaa platform can help make that a reality. Our platform is easy to use and has many possibilities that make it the right fit for your school. You’ll get your own crowdfunding site, in your branding, where you can easily set up crowdfunding campaigns.

Our platform is easy to use and has many possibilities that make it the right fit for your school. You’ll get your own crowdfunding site, in your branding, where you can easily set up crowdfunding campaigns.

You can spread these campaigns with the click of a mouse, sharing them with alumni, students, staff and relations. An easy way to start fundraising for your school.

Did you know that almost all Dutch universities already work with Kentaa to fund (research)projects through crowdfunding for education? And don’t forget, not only is crowdfunding a great way to raise funds, it also allows you to connect with new and old audiences. Sounds good, right? Start crowdfunding with Kentaa!

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Kentaa helps University of Groningen

University of Groningen has successfully crowdfunded many projects using the Kentaa platform. For scientific research as well as projects that benefit the university and the educational programs offered, the university calls on its supporters and alumni.

The university's projects have been known to receive donations long after campaigns end, resulting in high success rates. 

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