Crowdfunding means funding a specific project or campaign through (often small) donations by a big group of people. It is a more and more successful form of online fundraising. Crowdfunding campaigns answer donors’ need for transparency. That’s exactly why crowdfunding for charity is so effective. It works well because people like being a part of something successful. Ergo: is the crowdfunding campaign successful, people will feel good about it and themselves.
It’s a good way to get donors to support your organisation long term. Kentaa gives organisations the opportunity to set up their own crowdfunding platform. A platform your organisation will be in control of and on which you can launch one of several crowdfunding campaigns. Visitors of the website will be able to see your target and campaign duration at a glance. An additional advantage of crowdfunding is the possibility of giving something back (a reward) to your donors in exchange for their donations. It’ll make your crowdfunding campaigns even more effective.

WWF uses crowdfunding
WWF uses the Kentaa crowdfunding platform to fund multiple international projects. They have successfully funded the build of not one, but two ranger stations. 

Donors have made a substantial contribution to the fight against poachers and were fundamental in the reconstruction of a coral reef.

WWF also uses the platform to keep their supporters up to date on their projects and provides great insight to how donations are used. This makes their platform not only a great tool for funding, but also for communication.

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Event fundraising, ie. Fundraising during events, means that event participants will raise funds (online). It’s a way of fundraising often used in combination with sports events, but singing competitions, cooking marathons etc., also offer great opportunities for event fundraising. Typically, participants raise funds for a common goal. It’s basically crowdfunding for events!

More and more often, charities other non-profits choose to use fundraising during events. The combination of online and offline for crowdfunding for events has proven to be very effective. Participants are the ones taking on a challenge offline and are sponsored online.
Proceeds are often a combination of the sign up fees and donations. The more participants there are, the higher the proceeds. Kentaa makes it possible to set up a complete website for crowdfunding for events, quickly and easily. Our platform for event fundraising lets you do everything: set up communications regarding your event, find participants, let them sign up and raise funds online. You can also share your event website easily through social media and put a spotlight on your business partners or sponsors for the event. Kentaa facilitates your fundraising event!
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JDRF uses event fundraising
JDRF has been using Kentaa's platform for event fundraising for many years. Their yearly JDRF Walk has crushed record after record after record. The goal? A world without type one diabetes.

The JDRF One Walk website lets participants sign up in teams or individually. When signing up on the site, participants also get their ticket for the event! Participants can look for sponsors and donors on their own fundraising pages.

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Are your supporters eager to help your organisation? Are they willing to start their own fundraiser? Or do they have good ideas that you’d like to facilitate? In that case, a peer-to-peer fundraising platform might be a good solution for your charity or non-profit organisation! A peer-to-peer fundraising platform is a useful tool to facilitate personal fundraising pages, making it as effortless as possible for your supporters to fundraise for your organisation.

Start your own fundraisers easily and swiftly with the Kentaa peer-to-peer fundraising platform. The platform utilises the endless opportunities that the internet has to offer in a way that benefits the fundraising efforts made for your charity or non-profit. Your supporters get their own personal fundraising pages that people can donate on via mobile, desktop or tablet. These fundraising pages are easily shared on social media. Kentaa puts the fun in fundraising for charities or non-profits!


ALS foundation uses P2P fundraising
The Dutch equivalent of the ALS Foundation, ALS Nederland, uses the Kentaa platform for peer-to-peer fundraising. Over 700 individual fundraisers have made their contribution by starting a fundraising page and raising money for numerous projects.

From event participation to corporate fundraiser to a personal fundraiser in your backyard, ALS Nederland's peer-to-peer fundraising platform facilitates it all.

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Looking for a simple way to let your supporters collect money through anonymous donors? Think of door-to-door collection for a charity, or a donation tin at a sports club or church, but online!

For that purpose, Kentaa built Digicollect.

It's an online fundraising platform in its simplest form, that lets people make online 'collection boxes' for your organisation.

To get a collection box, people can simply log in using facebook, or their email address.

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Amnesty uses online collection tins
Alongside their yearly door-to-door collection campaign, Amnesty International has set up a Digicollect platform.

On the website, people can open up their own collection boxes, without having to leave their homes, making door-to-door collection accessible anytime, anywhere.

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